Im an 87ST/CAM who is lookong to sign for a team
I am experienced in VFL and FGL


Position: CMD


I have played in 8 leagues and have been in tots on FGL and VPG as a GK and CB


GT: deathgamer127
Age: 18
Position(s):st cam
Experience: 5 seasons of vfl about 7 years of pro clubs
Availability: 100%

Im a Fnatic

Been playing competitive Fifa since 15 and played across many different sites in different regions. I am an experienced and competitive player looking to win. I don't mind laid back and chilling eith...

Mi Nans Dead

Played across a few sites over time, won a few things and bagged a load. Pref want a team that a know isn't full of mongs, but happy to trial for anyone.

x KENNETH1888 x

Looking for a team
Can play pretty much anywhere in midfield (unless it's WM in a back 3 formation)
Got a mic
18 y/o
Message me on Discord - El Jefe#4544


Does anyone need a 87 ST


So after playing some of my old positions in random clubs I realised that I don’t mind them as much as I thought I did. Therefore, I have created this new thread to reflect this decision. This will...

S6 Joe

Hi, I'm looking for a team. I've been playing in net for about 5 years now, across multiple websites- though I'm still fairly awful. If you fancy popping me a trial, give me a shout in the Discord se...