Please find below our rules for S6 Divisions

Communication Conduct

We believe that every individual deserves to be treated as an equal and with respect. We request

that as long as you are a member of this site you treat every individual with respect regardless of

race, religion, sexual orientation and gender. S6 does not and will not tolerate abusive and

disrespectful behaviour towards any of its members. S6 is a community where people come to

socialise, have a laugh and play pro clubs and therefore don't expect to be abused.

Regardless of which platform you use to communicate with other members (Xbox, Whatsapp, Skype,

S6 Chat etc), we expect every individual to be kind to one another. If you are found to be in breach

of this rule the S6 Staff Team will take action and you will find yourself on the end of severe


If we find anyone to be in breach of our communication conduct then we will take the appropriate

action. Depending on what has been said will ultimately result in the consequence. For instance, if a

member swears at another member they will be warned to stop if they don't stop they may be

removed from the site. In more severe cases where racism and derogatory language is used, you will

be permanently removed from S6. S6 do not condone racism and derogatory language in the

slightest degree.

Fixture Schedule

S6 Fixtures are scheduled every Monday and Tuesday at 20:00, 20:30 & 21:00 (GMT)

Player Rules:

Finding your first team

If you have just joined us on S6 you will undoubtedly be wanting a team. Finding your first team can

be quite difficult if you don't have a reputation from other sites which is why it's important to know

where to start. There are 2 main methods to which you can use to find a team:

Trialling Forum: The trialling forum is the main way to get yourself noticed. In the trialling forum you

are able to create a thread describing traits about yourself such as your rating, position, playstyle


Contacting Managers Directly: An effective and proactive way to get yourself a team is to message

managers directly. You can find managers by going to the league tables and looking at the manager

names on there. Some managers admire players that help themselves by being proactive.

Combining these methods is a sure-fire way to find yourself a team. It must be noted, however, that

you are only allowed to create a trialling thread every 24 hours. Please do not spam the forums with

threads otherwise they will be removed and you may be warned.

Player Contracts

If you have been successful in finding yourself a team you will be offered a contract by the respective

club. A manager can offer you a contract length that ranges from 1 season to 5. *Wez insert method

on how to sign playes here*

Before accepting your contract please take some time to consider what you're entering into. You are

expected to see out your contract until the end unless your manager grants you a release or sells


Refusing to play

If you've had a disagreement with your manager then you might not want to play for them. If a

manager specifically asks you to play then you must play it really is that simple. Regardless of any

fallouts or disagreements, you must play.

If there is a serious incident please report it to a staff member so that they can help to resolve the



We encourage all players to record their stats in case a manager fails to record them. It also allows

staff to cross exam stats which is very useful. A simple screenshot is all that we require.

Manager Rules:


Managers are responsible for creating a team, playing games and ensuring that their team adheres

to our rules.

If you would like to become a manager on S6 we expect you to be an active member of our

community and be able to attend all games. The only other restriction we have in place is that

managers must be over the age of 16 to apply for a team. If you aren't over 16 then your application

will be null and void.

To apply for a management role please use the apply function on the navigation bar or message a

member of staff.


If you've decided to become a manager and we've accepted you there are a few responsibilities that

you have. You must: Organise your team and make sure they turn up to all games regardless of

whether you are present or not, prop stats before 10:30 pm, keep on top of contracts and ensure

that your team are adhering to the site rules.

Checking in

All managers must check in before each fixture. This lets us know who has turned up and who hasn't

when working out default wins/losses. Your Admins will ask you to check in via a message so please

respond so accordingly.

Propping Stats

As a manager, it is your responsibility to prop match stats before 10:30 pm. Propping stats before

this time means staff members don't have to sit around until 12 am waiting to put fixtures through.


As a manager, you will enter a 1 season contract which sees you manage for an entire season. We

expect you to fulfil this contract and see it out until the end. Once at the end of your contract the S6

Staff Team will review your season and see whether you should be offered a new contract or not.

Stepping down

If you are unable to resume your usual responsibilities as a manager or don't want to be a manager

any longer you may want to step down. If you step down during the season you will be manager

banned for 2 seasons and banned from playing on S6 for 1 season. We have a designated period

where you can step down without being banned which will be announced at the appropriate time.

The reason we ban managers for stepping down during the season is because the contract that you

have entered has been breached. You have a contract that states you will manage for a full season

and therefore we expect you to carry that out.

Swapping Teams

For our most loyal managers we offer you the chance to swap teams. Some managers want to swap

teams for a number of reasons and we've decided to introduce this with a few conditions in mind.

Firstly, managers must have been managing for 3 seasons. Being able to swap a team is a reward

and therefore we offer it to our most loyal and deserving managers. We deem that 3 seasons is

enough time to prove your loyalty and also enough time to gain the required experience.

Secondly, you are only able to swap teams in the same division as you or one higher. We believe that

the best teams should be in the top divisions so we believe it to be only fair that you move higher up

the leagues not further down. We want all divisions to be balanced and we can't keep that balance if

the top teams are moving down to the lower divisions.

Player Signing Deadline

One of the main parts of being a manager is signing players. Players can be signed throughout the

day but must be on your roster before the kick-off times. The deadline cut off points are one minute

before kick-off which is: 7:59 pm for the first game, 8:29 pm for the second game and 8:59 pm for

the last game.

Transfer Market

The transfer market is an important area for managers. It allows you to build a team from the

ground up. In the transfer market, you have two options: Free Agents or Buying a Player.

Free Agents

Free Agents are what make up the majority of a team because they're free. Free Agents can be

signed at any time throughout the season which is ideal for managers looking to sign some

important players. Similar to how players looking for a team as a manager you'll be looking for

players and the methods for doing so are similar to the player's methods. To sign a player you need

to Wez insert method here

Trialling Thread In this thread state what positions you're looking for and any other useful

information. You should look to make your post engaging to attract interest from free agents.

Being Direct: If you see any free agents with threads up message them. Free Agents are constantly

looking for teams so make sure when you see a post you like to get in contact with them, they might

be the key to your entire team.

Before signing players make sure you're happy It's best if you trial a player first before signing them

as you might not like how they play. If in doubt always trial them first, there's no point having a

player signed to your roster.

Once you have sent a contract it is up to the player as to whether or not they accept the contract.

Contract offers expire after 24 hours so if you don't hear back within that period you should assume

they're not interested.

Transfer Proposals

Transfers are the second method to which you can sign a player. Transfers typically occur when you

see a player you want to sign from another team. Transfers don't just have to be you buying a player

as you can also loan them.

To open up transfer talks it's advisable to talk to the manager of the opposing team. State your

intent on what you're willing to pay for a player. Once they're happy next talk to the player. The

player is under no obligation to accept a transfer and can stay at their current team if they wish to

do so. If the player is happy to come to your team you can sort out the "paper work".

To transfer a player window runs from the end of the old season to the beginning of the new season. This

period allows you to buy any players you may need for the new season.

The window is also open for a full week during the second week of the season. This period allows

you to reinforce any areas of your team which may need a boost.

General Rules:

Game Rules

Below you can find all the rules that apply to playing your games.


All formations are excepted on S6 including 5 at the back formations.

Position and Formation changes can be used during a game, you are to prop the formation and

player positions which you finish the match with.

Each team must field a GK and an ANY (can be the same person) in all S6 games.

Cup games that end a tie at 90 mins will go to extra time. If the scores are still level after extra time

the match will be decided by a penalty shoot out. (Golden goal rule does NOT apply in ET)


Blocking the opposition keeper from free kicks and corners is NOT allowed. If you score using any

bumping glitches or obstruct the keeper the goal score will be taken off you. If a goal is scored using

these techniques please continue the game and then submit proof after the game. If evidence

deems a goal to have been scored using these techniques it will be removed from the final score

line, a default win will not be given under these circumstances.

Time wasting

Purposely holding the ball in a corner is considered time wasting and therefore prohibited. If

sufficient evidence is submitted a default win may be appointed to the team that was on the

receiving end of the time wasting.

To make it absolutely clear to all, the keeper holding onto the ball and using his allocated time is not

deemed time wasting.


If a player lags out or disconnects from the game before 10-minutes game time the fixture may be

restarted. If you have conceded a goal during this time and need to back out due to the above

reasons the goal will still stand. To avoid conceding a goal during this time it's best to kick the ball

out of play so that all players can back out safely.

Each team is allowed 3 restarts, after which the game must be played regardless of who's lagged out

or disconnected.

If the opposition "rage quits" and has no further interest in completing the fixture you may prop the

fixture with any stats you have managed to salvage.

Please note: If the opposition allows you to score intentionally or have no real desire to play the

game your stats may be removed. We do not condone the boosting of any stats.


The team that is entered in the schedule as the home team must be the one that sends the away

team the friendly invitation. We advise making the captain of each team the ones with the best,

most stable internet connection.

Game Setup

When starting the game, each team must make sure they are within the rules below:

-Each player in the match lobby must be on the team's roster.

-All accounts being played must also be on your roster including 2nd accounts in the event your main

account is communication banned.

-Each team needs to have met the minimum requirement of 4 players participating in the match

including an ANY and a GK (They can be the same person).

If the game starts and you notice the other team is breaking a rule you have until the 10-minute

mark in a game to back out and provide evidence of the rule being broken. If you see a rule being

broken after the 10th minute you must finish the game and record the rule being broken. From

there report it to an Admin.


-2 yellow cards in the same game = 1 game suspension

-Straight red = 2 game suspension

-5 yellow cards over the season = 1 game suspension

If you receive a booking in the league and your next game is a cup game you can still play the cup

match, however, you will be unable to play in the next league game(s).

Vice versa, if you receive a booking in the cup you will be suspended from playing your next cup

game(s) but can still play in the league.

5 Minute Rule

If you need an extra 5 minutes you will need to inform the other team at least 10 minutes before the


Requests must come from either the manager or co-manager. The best way to request is to send the

manager a message on Xbox which ensures they have received it.

Chatbox Rules

The chatbox rules coincide with our communication conduct. Using offensive, explicit, derogatory or

racist terms/phrases are 100% prohibited and will result in a ban. Users are advised to be polite to

one another and respect each other. If you are rude to a fellow user or a member of staff you will be

warned to stop this behaviour, failure to adhere to this warning may result in a ban.

We don't want to ban anybody from our chats so please adhere to the above rules.

Forum Rules

The forum rules are exactly the same as the chatbox rules so please refer to the above.

We also ask that users of our forums use the correct areas for their posts. For example, if you have

anything general to discuss, use the general discussion. If you don't put your post in the correct area

it will be deleted.


To be given a league title trophy you must have played a minimum of 4 league games

To be awarded a cup trophy you must have played a minimum of 2 cup games.

If your team wins a title or a cup and you haven't played the required games you will not be

awarded a trophy.

League standings. (Points / Goal difference)

Come the end of the season, if any teams are on the same points it will come down to goal


For instance:

1st Team: points 36 Goal difference 26

2nd Team: points 36 Goal difference 20

There will NOT be a replay on S6 if it comes down to goal difference.

Only a replay will occur is if both teams finish on the same points and same goal difference.


Defaults only occur when a team breaches an in-game rule or don't turn up. We don't want to see

teams claiming defaults for a team being a couple of minutes late, if both teams are on you play.

If you have any concerns regarding this please contact your league admin.

Reporting Users

If you feel that a user has broken any of the above rules please gather evidence and report it to an

admin privately.

International Games

ALL rules stated above also apply to international fixtures.

If you have any questions regarding the rules don't hesitate to ask a member of staff. If you also

believe the rules should be amended please tell us why and we'll see if we agree